Thailand Property Guide – A Tour of the Property Market in Bangkok & Phuket.

Thailand Property Guide - A Tour of the Property Market in Bangkok & Phuket.

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18 thoughts on “Thailand Property Guide – A Tour of the Property Market in Bangkok & Phuket.”

  1. Do not invest in political dictatorship. Thailand is in for a serious
    revolution and turmoil ahead.

  2. NEVER EVER Pay a high price for a property in a developing nation. When you
    buy a property, you are getting everything that nation has to offer. That
    means less stable nations will not have as high of value. Do not get
    suckered by these overseas destinations. If you are from the USA you should
    be getting properties in Thailand and other similar places for no more than
    $50,000 or you are getting screwed. Keep in mind that many foreigner
    developers have built properties in these nations knowing Westerners are
    used to paying higher prices. NEVER PAY much for property in bad areas that
    are susceptible to natural disaster, poor infrastructure, political
    instability and no real military defense. That means most of Asia and all
    of Latin America. Don’t be stupid.

  3. Thailand is not “EXPENSIVE AT ALL?”””””…….Yes, the price of some
    objects might not be high but you be’ll surprised about how fast you would
    spend in Thailand. IF you study be carefully, You find’ll out that Thailand
    is not cheap at all. A tax for a brand new car is 300%!! Is that not
    expensive enough????

  4. totaly overloaded market if u invest in typical high priced condos expect a
    big fall in valuable

  5. You say Thailand is a “no go” but you Yourself has a few property here!
    Anyhow nice report and love to visit Thailand

  6. indeed not everywhere you need to have diamonds and the location, focused
    in the high premium market with rents of 150.000 up makes sens, lower there
    is such too much on the market, i can show you in every new project exist a
    year now that more than the half of condos are still not sold.

  7. Nice report about Thailand. I not agree with you on Thailand is a NO GO.
    There are enough banks who give a finance on the property if your own
    investment is enough or use other property as a deposit. Interest rate for
    foreigners is little bit higher compared to the local interest. But if your
    a investor you can buy some property for sure without a bank. Thailand is
    doing great in 2012. Second fastest growing economy in south east Asia.
    Property prices went up a lot in 2012! High end prope

  8. Totally agree. Been here for 6 years and seen Thailand boom whilst other
    countries economies are drying up.

  9. Many many rental condos are empty in Bangkok. Selling new condos is quite
    easy, but 2nd hand ones are not easy to sell. Getting 8% rental return is
    very difficult, you really need to be a local expert to do it. I would say
    5% return is more of the norm, maybe 6% if you buy in a good location.

  10. Thailand is a no go based on your business and financial facts but what
    about lifestyle and cost of living? This knocks your opinion out of the

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